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Scotch Black Bun (Large)

(60 Customer Reviews)

Scotch Black Bun (Large)

Traditionally a Hogmany staple, along with a wee dram of Scotch!

However, by popular demand we now make Scotch Black Bun throughout the year as popularity continues to grow.

It’s the long fermentation process which allows the sultanas and currants to impart a flavour completely unique to Black Bun. Topped and tailed with pastry ensures that the moisture of the fruit bun is retained for a truly unique eating experience.



Additional information


Approx. 800g

Shelf Life

3 months


Contains: Gluten, Egg, Milk
May contain traces of: Peanuts, Almonds, Hazelnuts, Walnuts, Sesame Seeds, Mustard, Soya

(60 Customer Reviews)

60 reviews for Scotch Black Bun (Large)

  1. Michael Styne (verified owner)

    Traditional and the best

  2. Christopher (verified owner)

    I ordered Black Bun as it was my late fathers favourite and I’d not had it for over 30 yrs. I fancied some comfort food and to relive a few memories of my childhood holidays in Orkney with my parents. The flavour was lovely and rich, very moist. My only criticism was that the fruit was very gritty, which spoilt it for me. However, I wrote a polite email to question if this was the norm, as I had ordered Ecclefechan Tart at the same time, which was wonderful and there was no grittiness in the fruit of the tart at all. I got a very polite friendly response saying that they had supplier issues with the fruit and the problem with the fruit would be addressed. I’m yet to try another, so can’t comment if this has been rectified. They welcomed polite feedback.

  3. Ian R (verified owner)

    Great service!

  4. Jim Crawford (verified owner)

    I’ve had a couple of slices (maybe a couple more’ and its as great, as always. Nice firm textured pastry,with a beautifully moist filling. I knowI’m going to have a problem keeping the second block for New Year. Thanks again!

  5. Mr A G Wyse (verified owner)


  6. Mrs T (verified owner)

    I cut a tiny piece and it was lovely. I am keeping it until New Year to give to my English Friends to let them have a taste of Scottish New Year
    thank you Ena Thomson

  7. George Pearson (verified owner)

    Lovely, moist and fruity will be ordering for Christmas

  8. savkar altinel (verified owner)

    Nicely packaged. The fruit filling and the pastry kept together when cut into slices. No added sugar which I liked – the sweetness was all from the fruit. A great accompaniment to a wee dram.

  9. Isabella P (verified owner)

    Very tasty

  10. Barrie Wyse (verified owner)

    This is definitely the best Black Bun that I’ve tasted – including one I made myself. It’s really firm and full of fruit, moist, easy to slice and eat and with a hint of warm spiciness. The large one is generous and scrumptious and will keep well for many months. Good on its own, with a glass of port or a slice of cheese – or both. Highly recommended.

  11. David Allen (verified owner)

    Very rich in taste, a little goes a long way, very filling and tasty with a cuppa. It will last and last. Very good value for its content.

  12. Kenneth Wallace (verified owner)

    excellent i wouldn’t buy it anywhere else

  13. Kato B (verified owner)

    Everything was 100% fabulous from this company! In fact we are going to purchase again for Christmas if there is time. LOVE their packaging as well…a 100% professional company all the way around.
    We have not opened the Black bun and will not until Christmas but we feel sure it will be wonderful.

  14. William Bayne (verified owner)

    The fruit-cake was moist & delicious; the pastry casing was of good proportion and tasty!

  15. Ian Gordon (verified owner)

    Just like Mother used to make.

  16. liz Douglas (verified owner)

    Fantastic thanks

  17. Lee Talbot-sinfield (verified owner)

    I love black buns! Taken various trips to Scotland and always purchase an Alex dalgetty one at least once when I’m up there. They keep so moist and are udt fantastic. Wish I was closer to Scotland just for these cakes, but was pleasantly surprised when I found that they could come to me. Now if only I could get a recipe!

  18. John Monaghan (verified owner)

    First class Black Bun. Rich not too heavy with great pastry
    Everyone enjoyed the experience first footers and first timers !

  19. George M (verified owner)

    Really nice good quality Black Bun, with moist filling that makes it a pleasure to eat.

  20. IAIN MC PHAIL (verified owner)

    Lovely Black Bun with plenty of fruit.

  21. Julie North (verified owner)

    Love the combination of sweet fruit cake and savoury pasty

  22. David Mar (verified owner)


  23. David Marklew (verified owner)

    Great service and a proper black bun!

  24. David Richards (verified owner)

    Black Bun

  25. Maureen-Ann Simms (verified owner)

    I get my black bun from you and my clottie dumpling and I love them both, and 1 each for my son and daughter, that is why I order them from you every year. Thank you so much as it reminds of home. yours faithfully Mrs Simms (nee Mclean)

  26. John Scott Watt (verified owner)

    It was good not as spicy as I remember but good. I will be ordering another one. :blush:

  27. Margaret Collins (verified owner)

    Very tasty, very moreish, and it keeps well too

  28. Robert Henderson (verified owner)

    Excellent quality, fine pastry with traditional spice flavoured dense fruit filling.

  29. James Henderson (verified owner)

    This was a repeat order for a product I like very much. I bought the large size in order to share with friends, who also enjoyed it.

  30. Brian Murray (verified owner)

    Waiting for Hogmany

  31. Mr K (verified owner)

    A most excellent bun in the Scottish tradition

  32. Andrew Skiller (verified owner)

    Simply the best black bun I’ve ever tasted. The pastry was crisp, the cake was moist and the taste was scrumptious!

  33. JAMES LUGTON (verified owner)

    crust a bit hard I brook a tooth.

  34. Anne Reid (verified owner)

    This together with a Selkirk Bannock was sent by you direct to my relatives in London. They loved both.

  35. Joan Lacy (verified owner)

    Absolutely superb bun. It’s quite hard to find it at all, but this one is the best yet.

  36. Peter Humphrys (verified owner)

    very tasty

  37. Ian MacDonell (verified owner)

    Excellent Bannock. Moist and full of flavour in fact the best I have tasted.

  38. Mr B (verified owner)

    The Black Bun is going to Bermuda so will let you know in the New Year

  39. Cara Anne Williams (verified owner)

    The Black Bun arrived in excellent condition. A small piece was tasted and it was as good as we remembered. The rest is in the fridge waiting for Christmas and the New Year. Friends ask us to get them some so we included their request in our order. Local shops (we live in Cumbria) do not know what Black Bun is never mind having it in stock so we used to travel to the Scottish Borders to get some so using your delivery option has saved us any disappointment. Thank you.

  40. Alastair Borland (verified owner)

    Excellent product. I have ordered these for the past 3 years and never been disappointed

  41. William Rhodes (verified owner)

    Dear Sirs
    I have not yet tried the Black Bun that I purchased from your on-line shop; I am keeping it for Christmastide, particularly for New Year time.
    Can I mention, however? I live in Worthing on the south coast of West Sussex. I love Black Bun, but in recent years, because of a total lack of availability in any retail outlet in this County or elsewhere in South East England, I have had to bake my own !! Now this is a serious deficiency, in my view, in marketing terms !..particularly for your great company, with its history of baking the great Selkirk Bannock and Black Bun. I remember eating your Selkirk Bannock regularly when I was a boy in Fala Dam, Midlothian. Loved it then and love it now, but it would be great if I could simply purchase it at either a specialist shop within say, 20 miles of where I live, or if you have the capacity to grow larger, at a supermarket. You take the Scottish Company, Deans, who make the shortbread in Huntly in Aberdeenshire. In the 1980’s they made all their shortbread in the back of their bakery shop in Huntly. It was so popular that they then took on a small industrial unit on a Huntly industrial estate, expanded production, marketed it, and now you can get it all over the place. Alex Dalgetty could do exactly the same; the product is so good. First, you would make a lot of money, and second, you would relieve me (and perhaps many others) of the great frustration of searching high and low for Black Bun.
    At one time Walkers marketed Black Bun; they may still do, but it is never available in the Walkers displays in retail outlets in this part of the world.
    I don’t know if this comment is of any value to you, but you asked for my opinion and I have given it to you, for what it’s worth!
    William Rhodes

  42. George Henderson (verified owner)

    The Black bun was excellent just like what my Grandmother used to make

  43. Rory M (verified owner)

    Very good traditional black bun

  44. Jean Oake (verified owner)

    We really enjoyed the Black Bun & the other products we bought. Will defintely be ordering again. Thanks

  45. Gliselvis Moore (verified owner)

    Is too dry on compare with the supermarket booths…and the chocolate one us too stoned..

  46. Gillian Darzi (verified owner)

    Received and enjoyed. Excellent product, excellent service. Sorry, I clicked the wrong button on your e-mail. I did receive it promptly. Give it to friends as gifts regularly. THANK YOU Gill Darzi

  47. Thomas Welsh (verified owner)

    This was a present for an Italian couple. It arrived promptly and was well packed and presented. Unfortunately, I never got a taste.

  48. david turner (verified owner)

    excellent . ordered on line and delivered promptly will repeat order at some suitable time david turner

  49. kenneth wylie (verified owner)

    The last time I tasted black bun was when my mother made it over 40years ago. Your product is first class and brought back good memories of these times. Thankyou.

  50. Archie Burleigh (verified owner)

    Couldn’t bring myself to share it with anyone else. Delicious.

    Would be nice if they were individual buns with complete pastry cases.

  51. Brian McArtney (verified owner)

    Delivered by post and arrived fresh – every item was thoroughly enjoyed and I would have no hesitation in using the service again…

  52. John Blacklaw (verified owner)

    Very good, moist, pastry ok, but could have been slightly spicier

  53. DAVID MORTON (verified owner)

    My brother-in-law is a Scot in exile. He tasted black bun almost as soon as he could walk and a life-long addiction followed. Alex Dalgetty has come up with an ideal formula: mail order black bun, delivered every year with speed and efficiency. Black bun is a staple ingredient in our family’s Hogmanay. The pleasure is drawn out over a month or two.

    But there is now competition from Selkirk Bannock which finds favour with family members whose stamina does not always rise to black bun. Mind you they have to look out for themselves because black bun eaters tend to enjoy practising with Selkirk Bannock.

    Long live Alex Dalgetty and company!

  54. Geraldine Martin (verified owner)

    I have a black bun and whisky drinks party every 2nd or 3rd January which is very popular among my Welsh neighbours and the bun this year was delicious.

  55. Elaine Thomson (verified owner)

    Everyone here now expects black bun at New Year. Haven’t found a better one!

  56. Madron Osborne (verified owner)

    This is a moist, fruity Black Bun with an interesting spicy flavour and a crisp pastry shell giving interesting texture. I share it round friends (in Somerset) and they all love it. This year was my fourth time of purchase and I will continue to buy it for New Year events.

  57. James Henderson (verified owner)


  58. Muriel McLean (verified owner)

    We haven’t had any yet but we had some black bun last year and enjoyed it very much. Looking forward to this year’s bun at Hogmanay.

  59. Margret Robertson (verified owner)

    Saving it for Hogmanay party but in the past it has always been very good!

  60. Alister Koch (verified owner)

    As a bairn brought up in the forties and fifties new year wasn’t new year without my mother serving up a generous slice of black bun to us and our first footers at and after “the Bells”.
    In recent years I have found it harder and harder to find a shop selling black bun in my area so was delighted to see your company’s on line advert for said delicacy.
    I made my order in the early hours of the 28th Dec and seriously doubted it would arrive in time,but lo and behold it was delivered on the 31st December just in time to be served at the Bells.
    It was delicious,taking me back to my childhood and memories of our family gatherings.
    Many thanks for your excellent baking and brilliant service,looking forward to my future orders which I will make sure I make more timeously. lol.:grinning_face_with_star_eyes::upside_down::grinning_face_with_star_eyes:

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